We Support and Empower Young Refugees

“No one becomes a refugee by choice, but the rest of us can choose how we help” (Filippo Grandi, UNHCR).

Even though the last couple of years the media attention was focused on the refugee crisis in Europe, people are also forced to flee from persecution in Africa, Asia, and South America. The experience that awaits refugees in their new countries is overwhelming. Racism, ignorance, loneliness are the issues refugees face when trying to rebuild their lives in a new country and adapt to a new environment.

Youth work can play an important role in facilitating young newcomers in a society.


Raise the qualifications and competencies of youth workers by developing new methods for refugee integration

Increase transnational cooperation & exchange of good practices on alternative ways of refugees integration

Exchange good practices between countries on alternative ways of integrating refugees within the local communities

Foster capacity building and new social initiatives in the field of youth work related to refugees

Lower xenophobia, racism and foster multilingualism of the youth

Help youth learn how to communicate with refugees and integrate them better through social activities

NGO that unites young locals and internationals, thinkers and doers, those who seek change and those who make a change. Organization’s goal is to create opportunities to develop & raise competencies for groups and communities in need.

A community-based non-profit organization which aims to help spearhead community-driven development initiatives and enable needy community groups to participate in integrated activities to achieve quality livelihood and be self-sustainable.

A local registered NGO working for a peaceful and just society through democratic governance and community development programs.

A Colombian private, secular and comprehensive university, with 26 campuses throughout the country. Through international cooperation, UAN is working on its purpose in building a more equitable future in Colombia in terms of economic and social development, creating scientific, technological and creative capacities in its society.


“Migration to Integration” project is co-founded by the Erasmus programme of the European Union

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