There is no “one-size-fits-all” integration strategy. It is important to evaluate the situation of refugees in the sense of the respective host community and with regards to the living and working conditions of locals. It is also evident, however, that international activities, discourses and processes have a significant effect on refugee integration and the respective national and local policies. There are a range of broad integration objectives that extend across nations. These include efforts to empower and improve the full potential of refugees, to protect their human rights, to avoid their marginalization, and to promote social harmony and harmonious coexistence. 

About Integration

Many people from different parts of the world are leaving their homes and going to new places, countries and that calls for Integration programs. Immigrants when they leave their home country, they leave the place but they usually keep the cultures and the traditions alive with them wherever they go and for these culture to immerge and be one, is the goal and the aim of Integration programs like ours.

Between Two Cultures

Integrate, Don’t Assimilate

Helping Refugees Integrate

Immigration and its Challenges

Immigration on the paper might look easy; you leave one place and you go to another place! But that’s not really how it is for immigrants’ places are not the only thing they leave they leave their jobs, businesses and even their own schools, and this as you might expect comes with many challenges that the majority of us are not aware of .

What if You Were an Immigrant

The Myth of Legal Immigration

The Evolving Identity of a First Generation American

Immigrants: Stereotypes and Myths

Immigrants usually are looked at badly as they are believed to be the ones that bring the problems with them and that they are not willing to adapt to the new cultures and the new traditions and customs of the new countries they immigrate to. That being the general stereotype but sadly it’s not the only one there are many other stereotypes and myths about immigrants and we believe the reason for the existent of these stereotypes and myths is ignorance and through knowledge and awareness we can fight these stereotypes and change them.

Through the Eyes of a Child Immigrant

I am Not a Status: An Undocumented Immigrants’ Perspective

I am Not Your Asian Stereotypes

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